This section on tablets is separate from the main document on this website, but the concern is the same. It relates to the proposal that every school child should have their own tablet (usually an iPad). The link to wifi is that tablets connect to the internet by wifi (and in the case of iPads, only by wifi).

The secondary school our child now attends is proposing that every child except those in year 7 should have a tablet or a wifi-browser to use in school and at home. At school, the devices would be used in many or all classes.

In the two sub-sections that follow, I list some concerns that parents have expressed about tablets, and make some comments on statements made by the school about the possible health effects of tablet use.

A survey of parents' opinion of the proposal conducted by the school shows that 30% oppose the proposal, and - adding to that figure parents who were undecided - over 40% do not support it.

Martin Aitken

March 2013

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