Why the paper on this website was written

The following paper is an update of one I wrote in 2009. I was concerned about the installation of wi-fi at our child’s primary school. I am not a scientist or an expert in these matters: my aim was to inform myself and to collect some of the findings of those who are scientists or experts.

I gave copies of the paper to about fifteen other parents of children at the school. Ten of them signed a letter that was sent, with a copy of the paper, to each of the school’s governors, requesting that the wi-fi in the school be turned off until research showed it was safe.

In the present update, I have added references to recent research, clarified one or two passages, and made a correction. I have also taken out the name of the school and references that might identify it. I have put the paper on the internet in case it is of use to others who are concerned about wi-fi, especially wi-fi affecting children, and as a result of requests for copies in this country and abroad.

I am indebted to Graham Lamburn for checking the technical details and for his comments on a draft of the paper. I am grateful too to Shayne Mitchell, my wife, for reading the text as it developed and for many improvements to it. Any errors are of course my own.

Martin Aitken
April 2011

Update 12-5-12

There have been significant developments in the last year that reinforce concern about wi-fi exposure. These have been ably summarised, along with other data, by Magda Havas, a Canadian researcher and expert on wi-fi radiation – see: http://www.magdahavas.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Wi-Fi-Open-Letter2012.pdf

See also her video for a clear overview of the dangers wi-fi presents:

The present website begins with reference to our child’s school. To access the information directly on which the concern it expresses is based, start at section 6, Wi-fi facts.

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1 Germany warns citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi’, Independent, 9.9.07