15 Teachers’ unions and wi-fi

The General Secretary of Voice (formerly the Professional Association of Teachers), Philip Parkin, has said, “the proliferation of wireless networks could be having serious implications for the health of some staff and pupils without the cause being recognised.” 89 The union advocates that new wi-fi systems should not be installed in schools, that existing systems should be turned off when not required and that schools should consider whether they really need to use wi-fi. 90

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), has expressed concern at the widespread use of wi-fi in schools, and that Stewart’s precautionary approach has not been taken. The union has called for the government to investigate the biological effects of wi-fi, asserting its belief that the welfare and safety of children and education professionals are paramount. 91 Mark Langhammer, Director of ATL Northern Ireland, has said that, “a safety-first approach ... could allow for parents to withdraw their children from wi-fi areas of the school.” 92 The union calls for parents to be informed if a school has installed wi-fi and for them to have some input into decisions about wi-fi. 93

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