13 [Name of county] County Council policy

Following the Panorama programme on wi-fi in schools, [name of county] Education ICT Service circulated schools with the following advice from the government Health Protection Agency:

“On the basis of current scientific information WiFi equipment satisfies international guidelines. There is no consistent evidence of health effects from RF [radiofrequency, including microwave] exposures below guideline levels and therefore no reason why schools and others should not use WiFi equipment.”

The international guidelines apply to thermal effects. There are no guidelines for non-thermal effects, which are the focus of concern

If the phrase “no consistent evidence” means that there is no evidence of health effects, the claim is untrue. The evidence is extensive and detailed. If the phrase means that there is evidence—as it implies—the appropriate conclusion is that advised by Stewart and his colleagues: that the precautionary approach should be taken. This means treating wi-fi as not currently being safe for schools to use.