9 The research background to current concern

It is sometimes said that there is no research evidence that microwaves have biological effects apart from heating (thermal) effects. There are, however, experts who point to a great deal of evidence.

Professor Henry Lai, a biologist at Washington University who has carried out studies on mobile phones, is reported saying, “I think it is irresponsible to just set standards using a thermal standard. If you set it just based on a thermal effect you are neglecting a large amount of data.” 47

Dr. Neil Cherry of Lincoln University, New Zealand, wrote in 1999, “there is a wealth of laboratory evidence of cellular and animal changes at extremely low exposure levels to RF/MW [radiofrequency / microwave] radiation, accompanied by a massive body of epidemiological research which shows adverse health effects in human beings down to extremely low life-time mean exposure levels for chronic exposures.” 48

Professor Olle Johansson, of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, has expressed deep concern about the spread of wi-fi, saying that there are “thousands” of articles in the scientific literature showing “adverse health effects.” “Do we not know enough already to say, ‘Stop!’?” he asks. 49

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